Mid Century Modern Remodeling Project Austin Tx Before and after pics with descriptions - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Mid Century Modern Remodeling Project Austin Tx Before and after pics with descriptions

kitchen remodeling project in Austin Tx

Mid Century Modern Remodeling Project Austin Tx Before and after pics with descriptions

We recently collaborated on a full house construction project in Austin Tx with BRB.  We wanted to show a few of the differences between our designs in comparison to one of their other homes. Focusing primarily on the kitchen, the hall bathroom, and master bathroom. We will point out that this is not a remodeling project but a new home build that we got involved in at the early stages.

The first two pictures are of the master bathroom that we designed. The third picture is the mirror image of the same bathroom in the home next door. Eliminating the tub in the master shower and centered the drain therefore creating a large walk in shower. We added a free floating bench and a shampoo niche behind the pony wall next to the vanity. The shower valves in our bathroom are hidden on the left side.

We also introduced a second shower head and a hand held. Opting for 16 x 32 tiles in our shower that are made of crushed quartz under glass in the master bathroom as well as the hall bathroom shower wallswas a major upgrade from the subway tiles used in the neighboring home. Instead of going with the grey large format tiles they usually use on the floor, we opted for 8 x 8 cement tile in the circulo pattern. For the bathroom counter top we switched from grey to snow white caesarstone.

We eliminated the large wall mirror and vanity lights and switched to two separate vanity mirrors with built in LED lighting and defroster. We wanted more can lights above each vanity for a more custom master bathroom.

The walls are Colonial Grey and the vanity is Real Teal.


In the next set of pictures are the hall bathrooms.  Ours is the one pictured above.  You can see we used the same materials and colors as we did in the master bathroom. In their hall bath they went with a grey tile on the walls of the shower from Interceramic.

bathroom in Austin Tx full house remodeling project

Bathroom design and remodeling project in Austin Tx

Kitchen Remodel / Design Austin.  The next set of pictures highlight the upgrades we made in the kitchen of this Austin new home build.  To start off with we went with a white Caesarstone waterfall countertop on the kitchen island.

kitchen remodeling project in Austin Tx


Comparing the pictures of the two kitchens below, you can see how a few little differences in design, color, and materials makes a major difference in the feel of the room.
kitchen remodeling project in Austin Tx
Kitchen Remodeling project in Austin Tx


If you are building a new home, doing a full house remodel, or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom in the Austin area, give us a call.  We’d be happy to look at your remodeling project.  Vintage Modern Design Build is a Remodeling contractor / home builder in South Austin Tx – 512 – 695 -6913.

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