Bathroom Design through Remodeling Process Austin TX - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Bathroom Design through Remodeling Process Austin TX


Bathroom Design through Remodeling Process Austin TX





There are many companies in Austin TX designing kitchens and bathrooms.  What qualifies us to do your bathroom design?… Aside from the awards pictured above for a net zero home currently under construction,  we do an excellent job at listening to your ideas and needs and reinterpreting them into unique designs that are not rehashing the same old ideas.


In order to showcase our design process.  Here are a couple of bathroom remodeling projects, here in Austin TX that are currently under construction.  They are also both secondary bathroom remodeling projects.  This top one is an upstairs guest bathroom.  The homeowner wanted their relatives and friends to feel like they were at an expensive spa when they came to visit their home and stayed in this room.  I suggested pushing the back wall of the room 9 feet back into the attic space to create a much larger shower with the tub inside that space.



Guest bathroom remodeling Austin TX

Below is the rendered design of this bathroom remodeling project.  We incorporated Artistic Tile as the accent for the niche and top band for the area behind the toilet and vanity cabinet made by Furniture Guild.  We used Carrara marble for the balance of the space using brass as the accent material .


Guest Bathroom Design and Remodeling Austin TX

Below is the actual space .  You can see how there are a few changes that have been made from the above design.  We ended up using penny round mosaic in the shower pan .  The Luxor Mosaic by Artistic Tile ended up not being used on the entire plumbing wall as a way Austin / West Lake Hills, TX.


Carrara Guest Bathroom Design and Remodeling Austin TX



This next bathroom remodeling project in Austin TX / West Lake Hills, is a pool bathroom in the same house as the above pictured guest bathroom renovation.  The homeowner had shown us the picture below as the inspiration.

austin bathroom remodel west lake hills

We used the same Fireclay Tile  product used in the inspirational photo.  The original shower was an angled shower in the corner and looked like a dark cave.  We got rid of the walls and soffits to maker the space feel larger.


Austin TX Bathroom Design Remodeling

Below is the current state of the bathroom under construction.  You can see a few changes that were made with the material selections.  They opted for a console vanity instead of the floating vanity in the initial design.  We  used Thassos marble to cap the wall and curb and honed Thassos for the bathroom floor.