Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Austin, Texas, Tx
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Custom Shower bathroom remodeling Austin, Texas

Custom bathroom remodeling stone shower in Austin, Tx

Custom Shower bathroom remodeling Austin, Texas

We replaced the shower on the second floor of this home in Austin, Texas.  This home just happened to be owned by someone who owns a local flooring outlet specializing in bathroom remodeling.

The shower we were replacing was only a few years old before the shower pan failed and water started leaking through the ceiling.  This gentleman trusted our method of waterproofing and since completing this project he has contracted us to do other work for him and his remodeling company.

See our article on custom shower construction: how we do it right!


We know that your house is not only the largest investment that you make but that it is also a source of pride. As contractors we strive to do things right the first time, every time so that you will have zero hesitation in recommending us to others. If you want a contractor who cares enough to get all the details right call Vintage Modern Design Build.