Flooring Sales and Installation - West Lake Hills / Austin TX - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Flooring Sales and Installation – West Lake Hills / Austin TX


Here at Vintage Modern Design Build, we do complete flooring sales and installation in the greater Austin TX area, focussing on high end residential homes.   In addition to installing wood, luxury vinyl  plank, & tile we also specialize in many high end materials including natural stone, hand painted cement tile, mosaic stone / tile.  With so many stores in Austin TX – Why choose us.  Most crews that specialize in flooring installation are production installers primarily focussed on speed and sometimes not having the knowledge of techniques and skill involved when using high end flooring products.  We do everything in house so that we have a consistent quality level every time.


Benefits of our company vs. our competitors

  1. – We focus on high end residential work, our protection and respect for your home throughout the project is second to none.
  2. -We prepare your floor with the most optimal methodology . For the respective flooring materials (Tile, stone, vinyl plank, engineered wood), we use only the highest quality setting materials and bonding agents.
  3. -We use forethought in material layouts prior to installation . You would think every installer does.. It can be just as important as the installation of the flooring materials.
  4. – Our highly skilled crew demos, preps, and installs your flooring .
  5. – We carry out custom milling of any materials on site.
  6. – Installation of baseboards as well as prep and paint is carried out by the same crew (Leaving a HVLP sprayed factory finish).
  7. -We offer our experience and tasteful opinions on material selection at no extra cost.



Rather than post pictures of production work, these are all specific materials that require a great deal of skill to achieve these results.

Stone  / Tile Flooring Installation

The pictures below reflect the complexity in the layout and installation of this harlequin marble floor pattern.  This floor is one aspect of this complete bathroom that we remodeled  in Austin TX .  We use only the best fortified thinsets, which are necessary to achieve these results.

New York Penthouse Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin TX


Hand Painted Cement  Tile Installation


There are tricks to installing almost every material.  We install 1/2 ” hardibacker in a mortar bed before installing any stone or tile to a plywood sub floor .  This ensures that there will be no deflection in the floor once the tile or stone is installed.  Porous material, cement tile, needs to be sealed before grouting and will crack easily if the subfloor is not prepared properly.

European transitional kitchen remodeling project Lakeway TX / Austin TX



Luxury Vinyl Plank


Luxury vinyl plank has become a more popular flooring material over the past few years.  I selected the two pictures below to highlight how clean our cut in is against the radius catwalk.  Our cut in on the radius stairs is very precise as well.




Natural Montauk Slate Flooring

Slate is such an inconsistent material that it makes it hard to work with.  It is typical to have variations in thickness and size in even the highest quality slate.

I selected the below pictures to show how clean our work is with this material.  We used a contrasting grout to highlight the grout lines.


Mosaic Tile / Stone Flooring

We selected the pictures below to highlight our skill in working with small format mosaic materials. We fabricated this roman tub and constructed every aspect of this bathroom remodeling project in the Zilker Park part of Austin TX.  Mosaic floors and walls must be floated out perfectly prior to installing the mosaic or it will end up showing every imperfection in the substrate.  Notice how perfectly everything lines up in these pictures.


So if you are in need of flooring installation in your home in Austin Tx, West Lake Hills, or any of the surrounding areas….Give us a call at 512-695-6913!