Bathroom Remodeling - Bathroom Remodeling in Austin Tx
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Bathroom Remodeling


Click on this link to see our STEP BY STEP SHOWER CONSTRUCTION  with detailed pictures and explanations of our bathroom remodeling methods.  

Rather than tell you about how remodeling your bathroom will add value to your home, etc….. I would like to try and let you know of some of the main differences between us and other bathroom remodeling companies in Austin Tx, West Lake Hills Tx, Lakeway TX as well as try and educate you to our shower construction procedures and how we exceed national building code standards set by The Tile Council of North America.

Calcatta Marble Master Bathroom, Austin, TXIf you look through all of the pictures on our website, you will see styles and designs that are very unique. Compare them to the work of other remodeling companies as well as interior designers.  Click through the photos in the galleries and you will see, wether the home is going for a traditional, victorian, modern, or whatever style bathroom remodel, our ideas stand out.  Every remodeling project pictured on this site is work I have designed and constructed with my own two hands.

I will first start off by making sure that you understand that we take a great deal of pride in the care we take of you and your home.  Paper on floors, tarps, and plastic zip walls to encapsulate the areas where dust will be present, are just a few of the things we do before doing any demolition.

Most contractors have different sub contractors handling the different aspects of your bathroom remodeling project.   The framing, shower pan, tile installation, and other aspects of the job are done by completely different crews.  The flaw with this method is that no one is accountable for the end result of sloppy workmanship.

If the framer is not installing the backer board or tile installation, he does not care that the the studs are not  plumb or if the walls are out of square.  Since we only sub out the plumbing and electrical, our framing is always plumb, level and square.  We make sure our seats are framed with the right amount of slope to ensure adequate water drainage.  Before we even put down our pan liner or waterproof membrane, we make sure that we pre slope the concrete under the membrane to ensure that the water that works its way to the membrane will also works its way to the weep holes in the drain.

Since most contractors just put their waterproof membrane on your existing slab (which is flat), you will have water that just sits in the corners of your shower pan liner.  A year or two later, you will start noticing how the mildew on your bottom two rows of tile and grout seems to come right back every time you clean it.  This is because you are only cleaning the tip of the iceberg.  We also make sure that we used crushed granite around the drain of the shower when we are doing the concrete dry pack.

Many contractors don’t do this and the weep holes get clogged with the concrete. This also leads to the problem of sitting water in the shower pan below the surface of the tile or stone.  We caulk the corners and joints of the hardibacker before putting on mesh tape and applying multiple coats of aqua defense (a rubberized waterproof coating).  This ensures multiple layers of protection from moisture.  To see further information and step by step descriptions of our shower construction process, click on the link at the top of the page.

 Our bathroom remodeling is not limited to removing and replacing your existing shower, cabinetry,  or toilet.  We can completely reconfigure your bathroom by moving walls, plumbing, etc. to better make use of your space.  Many people in Austin, Texas areas are eliminating their bathtubs in the master bathroom to accommodate a larger shower.

Even though many people like tile, it does not cost that much more to upgrade to natural stone.  Most tiles are trying to achieve the look of stone, but natural stone has a depth that most tiles cannot recreate.  The other benefit is the custom fabricated pieces for the curb, seat, and outside edges of the shower that are custom milled and profiled by hand, this is a look that you can not get with pre fabricated tile bullnose and most of our competitors use a profile wheel on their tile saw that leaves the original mill marks on the edge of the stone pieces and an unfinished look.  Even using tile with a decorative band of natural stone or a natural stone accents is a look that we incorporate when a homeowner is looking to use a tile for the majority of the shower and bathroom.  The end result is a look that is fit for a king.  We seal our stone showers with the highest quality sealers that deeply penetrate into the stone and grout lines.  This ensures years of worry free use.  People that complain about problems with stone showers typically didn’t seal it or used some cheap water based sealer from home depot that got diluted every time they took a shower.  Sealing the stone with a high quality sealer is an important step.  Du Pont -Pro series sealers are the best.

Installing prefabricated vanity cabinets as well as custom make cabinetry with electrical outlets concealed within the cabinets or drawers so that the hair dryer and curling iron can always stay plugged in is a nice option.

We offer bathroom remodeling that accommodates your budget and needs.

Failed Showers

We get calls regularly from homeowners with tile showers that are only a couple of years old (new homes as well as recent bathroom remodels).  The baseboards are either swelling up or are looking rotted out to the sides of the shower or in the closet behind the shower.  90% of the time we find that the tile in the shower looks alright.  Upon investigating, it is obvious that the tile was installed on an improper backing material such as green drywall or nails have been driven into the vinyl shower pan liner which causes moisture to eventually work its way through the wall and compromise the integrity of the shower.  With some bad cases, the framing behind the shower is completely rotted out and the backing material is completely disintegrated.

In other cases, they use a good backing material like Hardie backer board or Durarock cement board. Not taking the time to caulk the seams or not flashing the pan liner properly will compromise the shower.  Many times, the contractor that originally constructed the shower thinks that the thin set will act as a moisture barrier and uses it as their sole method of waterproofing.  This also leaves points where the water penetrates the backing material and causes moisture problems.  Make sure your remodeling contractor knows how to properly prep the shower for tile or stone.

Click on this link to see our STEP BY STEP SHOWER CONSTRUCTION  with detailed pictures and explanations of our construction methods.

*Look on the Recent Projects Blog page to see pictures and descriptions of recent Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling projects

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