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Custom Shower Pans Austin TX


Here at Vintage Modern Design Build, we are your custom shower pan and shower waterproofing experts! Call (512) 695-6913 to get it done right!  

We are well versed in the multiple shower pan construction methods. This has allowed us to fully understand the benefits and deficiencies of different products and methods as well as the best applications for a variety of situations.

(There is NO stock photography in this entire site, these are all photos of our projects)

Failed Fiberglass Shower Pan Bathroom Remodeling Austin Tx

We receive daily calls about failed fiberglass custom shower pans that end up looking like the one pictured at left.

Most of the time, custom fiberglass shower pans are installed without a proper pre-slope, even though many companies claim they do a pre-slope under fiberglass.

Other times they are installed directly on the flat foundation. Moisture penetrates below the drypack and the fiberglass just sitting there (Because it is flat).

This is one of the main reasons for seeing mildew growth on the corners of the shower that just keeps on coming back.

This is because mildew has grown into the drypack below all of the tile and the water is not draining to the weep holes, it just sits on the surface of the fiberglass and the shower gets used again before drying out .

Custom shower preslope Austin TX

We start off our custom shower pans with a pre-slope.

Basically, a concrete layer underneath the membrane and sloped to the weep holes in the drain assembly.

Schluter Custom membrane Austin TX Fiberglass shower pan alternative

Take note of the primer that we are using (The liquid in the picture at left).

This primer is also necessary in order to bond the slab (old concrete) to the pre-slope (new concrete).

Schluter Custom Shower Pan w/ Drypack Austin TX

This custom shower pan is using a Schluter membrane on top of the pre-slope to ensure water that goes through the drypack goes to the weep holes in the shower drain assembly.

The drypack is the layer of concrete that the tile sits on.  Similar to the pre-slope, it also is level along the perimeter of the shower walls  and sloped towards the drain.

The pictures at left, are a combination of some different methods of custom shower pan waterproofing membranes that we use.

I have also included a couple of unconventional shower designs to showcase our versatility and ability to adapt to any type of shower you might have.

The first two pictures are of Hot Mopping the shower using hot tar.

Schluter / Hydroban Shower waterproofing Austin TX

Our preferred method is using a Schluter membrane as an underlayment to Hydroban, rubberized waterproof shower membrane.

This gives you two separate membranes that ensure longevity.

Schluter / Hydroban Custom shower pan Austin TX

We also do a complete membrane on the walls which serves as a vapor and moisture barrier.

Custom Shower Pan Austin TX Westlake Hills Roman Tub

At left is a Roman tub, with steps down into it, where we used a combination of fiberglass, Hydroban, and a Laticrete product used in swimming pools.

The purpose of this style of shower is to step down into a large shower that doubles as a large custom bath tub.

All of the bathroom remodeling projects pictured here are bathrooms and showers that we not only designed, but also constructed.

If you need a custom shower pan or have recently had a failed shower in Austin TX and the surrounding areas, give us a call – (512) 695-6913

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