Mid Century Modern Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin Tx - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Mid Century Modern Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin Tx


Mid Century Modern Bathroom Remodeling Project in Austin Tx

We recently had the opportunity to do a complete home build.  This is the bathroom design for this mid century modern style new build in Austin Tx. This is a part of a complete home build collaboration with BRB in Austin.

We used 16 x 32 tiles on the wall made of crushed quartz under glass. For the shower pan we used black hexagons and for the bathroom floor we used cement tiles with the circle pattern. The Bathroom counter is done with caesarstone. This custom shower is around 40sf and has a nice free floating bench as well as a hidden shampoo niche behind the pony wall. there are 2 shower heads and a hand held. The valves and diverter are hidden on the left side of the shower.

The walls of this bathroom will be painted colonial grey and the vanity will be painted real teal.
We will post the finished pictures of this bathroom remodeling project in South Austin Tx when it is complete as well as the rest of the home.

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