Modern Room Addition / Remodeling in Austin Tx - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Modern Room Addition / Remodeling in Austin Tx

Mid-Century Modern room addition Clarksville, Texas

Modern Room Addition / Remodeling in Austin Tx

Just installed the windows in this room addition remodeling project in South Austin Tx

There is a trend that has been hitting Austin Tx.  These mid century historic bungalows are getting some ultra modern room additions and renovations .  This is what inspired us to take part in this ultra modern home remodeling project.  The homeowners had already remodeled their kitchen and did a victorian style bathroom remodel, but were wanting to add some substantial square footage to this historic Austin, TX bungalow.

We added approximately 1,500 square feet with this room addition that added a family room space, laundry room, large master bedroom with a cool mid century bathroom, second floor workout room, laundry room,  and an exterior accessed storage room.  We are doing this room addition as a collaboration with CSCB INC. It is a design from up and coming coXist Studio that we really liked and are honored to be a part of.

We broke ground on it about 2 weeks ago and will be getting our first inspection tomorrow from The City OF Austin Tx for our plumbing rough in and foundation footprint.

The framing and sheeting is almost complete on this Austin Tx remodeling project.

We just finished the window and door installation on this Austin Remodeling Project.  The siding is done and stucco work is getting prepped.

The interior is getting completed. The bathroom remodeling is under way in the master.

Look below at the various stages of this ultra modern room addition remodeling project in Austin Tx Clarksville neighborhood.

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