Travertine Bathroom Remodeling project in Austin Tx - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Travertine Bathroom Remodeling project in Austin Tx

Travertine Custom Shower Bathroom Remodeling in Austin Tx by Vintage Modern Design Build

Travertine Bathroom Remodeling project in Austin Tx

Travertine Bathroom Remodeling in The Woodlands Tx

This is a master bathroom remodeling project here in Austin Tx. This homeowner was considering remodeling this master bathroom in a home he purchased here in Hyde Park / Austin Tx a few months ago.

The original shower had failed and was flooding the master bathroom and bedroom. We wanted to go with some nice stone materials with different textures and a design that complimented the style of the home. After gutting the master bathroom, we treated the inner walls with an enzyme to kill any mildew in the walls.

We then sealed all of the walls and framing with a rubberized paint. We used a 16 x 24 chiseled and brushed travertine for the shower walls and tub deck. Above the tub we used a split faced travertine mosaic and framed in the whole thing with some travertine chair rail. The floor was done with an Antique Rustico brushed and chiseled travertine in a versatile pattern. This bathroom remodeling project turned out perfectly. If you are in need of bathroom remodeling in Lakeway, West Lake HIlls, Austin Tx, Call Vintage Modern Design Build –  Bathroom Remodeling Contractor.Bathroom Remodeling The Woodlands Tx