Bathroom Remodel in West Lake Hills Tx- Shampoo Niche - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Bathroom Remodel in West Lake Hills Tx- Shampoo Niche

Minimalist Modern Bathroom Remodeling Austin Tx by Vintage Modern Design Build

Bathroom Remodel in West Lake Hills Tx- Shampoo Niche

Striped Marble Shower in West Lake Hills / Lakeway / Austin Tx

This is a closeup of a double stacked shampoo niche we did in marble for a master bathroom shower remodeling project in West Lake Hills / Austin Tx. I am showing this picture so you can see some of the details that set us apart from other contractors.

First, we used actual framing to separate both boxes instead of just sandwiching 2 pieces of stone which is what I’ve seen most contractors do. Also notice how we carried the pattern through the boxes. We also took the time to use white grout for the thassos marble stripes in contrast to the linen grout we used on the thicker rows of Crema Marfil.

Lastly, notice how we polished the edges of the marble so that there are no mill marks on the edges of the pieces we used inside the shampoo niches. These are just a few of the things that set us apart from other bathroom remodeling contractors here in West Lake Hills and the greater Austin area.