Limestone Minimalist Modern Walk in Shower Remodel in West Lake HIlls Tx - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Limestone Minimalist Modern Walk in Shower Remodel in West Lake HIlls Tx


Limestone Minimalist Modern Walk in Shower Remodel in West Lake HIlls Tx

Limestone Bathroom Remodeling in West Lake HIlls / Lakeway / Austin Tx
This is a minimalist Modern Walk in Shower / Bathroom remodeling project in a home here in The West Lake Hills / Austin Tx where we are doing a full bathroom remodel.  The original shower in this small master bathroom was 9 square feet. This shower is close to 36 square feet. It is made of some of the highest quality limestone and sandstone.

I will dedicate another post with various stages of this bathroom remodeling masterpiece that we are very proud of.   This shower is in the home listed on our Mid Century Modern Design page.  This bathroom is still under construction. I was excited to start posting some pictures at the stage it is at.  Note the very simple but bold design and  how clean the lines are.  Scroll down to see the 2×2 sandstone accent walls.

These textures perfectly compliment each other in this master bathroom remodel.  This is the first bathroom I have done here in West Lake Hills with limestone.  Even though we work in large homes, I am consistently disappointed in how small these custom home builders make the master bathrooms, you’re lucky if you get a 16 square foot shower.

Many people are eliminating the tubs and going for a nice large shower in it’s place.  Occasionally I meet people that don’t use their master bathtub, but are reluctant to eliminate it because they are concerned that it might negatively affect the resale value of their home.  My response to that is, logically you must consider that there are many people moving in to this area from other parts of the country that are used to larger showers in the master bathrooms of homes that are this size.

When they are seeking out a home to buy in West Lake Hills / Austin TX, the homes that have a large Master Bathroom Shower are going to be the ones that stand out and feel more like what they have been accustomed to.  Taking the time to consider making a large custom shower in your master is definitely a selling point.  Most of these homes have at least 2 other bathrooms with a tub, anyways.  I will create another post to show some earlier phases of this bathroom remodeling project in West Lake Hills Tx.

Walk in Custom Limestone Minimalist Modern Shower West Lake HIlls / Lakeway / Austin Tx

Limestone and sandstone detail bathroom remodeling West Lake HIlls / Lakeway / Austin Tx