Minimalist Modern Soapstone Bathroom Remodeling project in Austin Tx - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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Minimalist Modern Soapstone Bathroom Remodeling project in Austin Tx

Minimalist Modern Bathroom Remodeling Austin Tx by Vintage Modern Design Build

Minimalist Modern Soapstone Bathroom Remodeling project in Austin Tx

Soapstone Master Bathroom Remodel in West Lake HIlls / Lakeway / Austin Tx

There is another post showing some various stages of this soapstone and granite master bathroom remodeling project in Austin Tx. The bathroom had already been taken down to rough framing when we were approached for this project. I came up with the design of complimenting the soapstone with some absolute black granite 2×2 mosaic tiles on the back wall.   We also suggested doing a stripe of soap stone between 12×12 absolute black granite tiles. this bathroom has a unique soaker tub with a heater that heats and recirculates the water in the tub keeping a constant temperature.

This was a project that I really enjoyed doing. The homeowner has really thought out and researched his materials for this project and chosen the best of everything. This stone is well known for being one of the best materials to use in a shower. This particular soapstone was mined in Canada and contains more talc than other soapstones. This is some of the most expensive stone material that I’ve used this year.

His shower head is 2 feet by 3 feet and is more elaborate than an other shower head I’ve ever seen. This picture is of the finished stone work in this totally custom Master Bathroom Remodeling project in Austin Tx . I will post pictures when the walls are painted and plumbing fixtures installed.