White Minimalist Modern Bathroom Remodel Austin TX - Vintage Modern Design & Build In Austin Texas
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White Minimalist Modern Bathroom Remodel Austin TX

Minimalist Modern Bathroom Remodeling Austin Tx

White Minimalist Modern Bathroom Remodel Austin TX

White Bathroom Remodel in Austin Tx This is a minimalist modern bathroom remodeling project in the Austin TX that we are working on. The homeowner wanted the bathroom to be white, bright, and modern. Originally this bathroom had a tub at the end of the room and white marble looking tiles on the wall.

We moved the toilet flange over 8 inched in order to widen the shower. We used these large format porcelain tiles that have crushed quarts in the top layer, it is called “Crystal and each tile is 16″x24”.

On the left side of the room we have 2 rows of this porcelain tile with wavy lines going from the floor to the ceiling. I choose the modern bathroom vanity cabinet (pictured below) which is made out of solid wood and has a very modern high gloss finish. We wired the mirror which has built in LED lights around the perimeter.

The shower pan has Caldo Confetti penny round tiles that look like M&Ms. The bathroom floor has these cool tiles that look like aged wood. We choose white grout to accent the broken joint pattern and tie in with the walls. This turned out to be a really cool minimalist modern bathroom.

Next week we will have the plumbing finished. The window is going to be replaced with a frosted Solex glass window and the seamless glass shower enclosure will be in.

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